Josue Rivera stands as a seasoned 3D generalist with an impressive decade-long journey in crafting art and design across various media platforms. His extensive skill set encompasses a diverse range of specialties within the 3D motion media and animation industry, extending seamlessly into sectors such as architectural and product visualization, as well as exhibit and tradeshow design.
Having collaborated with multiple teams, Josue is adept at creating and delivering unparalleled, awe-inspiring content. Beyond teamwork, his experience also extends to solo freelancing, where he pioneers trendsetting animations and content, managing the entire process from conceptualization to delivery, including post-production work and sound design.
Josue's strength lies in his capacity as a visual thinker, cherishing his ability to venture beyond conventional boundaries, bringing a unique and innovative perspective to every project. With a commitment to excellence and a friendly, professional demeanor, Josue Rivera is dedicated to elevating the visual experience through his passion for 3D artistry and motion media.

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