Date: December 25th, 2107
Archival Report: Captured through the lens of an accompanying GeoGen archive drone, EEVEE-01, the Earth migration vessel embarks on the final leg of its celestial journey, a mere three days from achieving Martian orbit. The EEVEE-01, one of three colossal migration ships, emerges as a testament to human resilience in the face of the diminishing sustainability of their ancestral planet.
Conceived in response to the precipitous decline of human habitation on Earth, these mammoth vessels signify a beacon of hope, poised to perpetuate the human narrative into the uncharted expanse of space. The triad of mega-ships, realized within a mere half-century, serves as a testament to the remarkable ability of humanity to transcend differences and collaboratively pursue a shared destiny, preserving the continuity of their species.
As EEVEE-01 approaches the Martian frontier, the burgeoning colonies on the red planet anticipate its imminent arrival, with EEVEE-02 and EEVEE-03 gracefully tracing its celestial path. This epochal moment heralds a new chapter in the ever-evolving annals of human history — a saga marked by collective endeavor and a profound commitment to the preservation of the human legacy amidst the cosmos.
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